Singer/Song writer/Composer/Producer and Actor Dezzy is a multi-talented performance artist, who has been singing, dancing and acting professionally since his early teens. His ability to sing different genres and styles of music always got him rave reviews for his voice and performances, at various events and local clubs. While he was still in college and also a student at the Actors’ Forum (School of Dramatic Arts), in London, he was writing songs and paying for recording sessions, to record demos, which he sent off to record companies, actively seeking a recording deal. It was during this period that he was approached and signed up by Ushrie Film Production Company, for his vocal abilities; doing voice-overs and giving voices to characters in cartoon movies and shorts.

In 1973, he became the youngest record company executive in Britain, when together with a friend, he set up Venture Records Company, (and also, a record shop; Gangsterville Musical Arcade), in London. The company soon had an impressive array of successful artists, including the bands; Tradition and Aswad, who started out at Venture Records. Dezzy (as an artist), has only ever released one of his own tracks on the Venture label, the Reggae/Roots single; “Message from Jamdown”, in 1976.

About three months after that release, he was approached by a producer from Feelgood Records (USA), who offered him a singles deal, not record a Soul/R&B single but a Roots/ Reggae track because they wanted to break into the reggae market. At first, he was a bit reluctant but soon decided to do it as a one-off, fully determined to pursue his career in the Soul/R&B market so, he got together with TT Scott and Junior English to form two groups, the reggae groups; “Cultured Few” and the soul group “TDJ”. Within a month their hit single; “Better No Come”, featuring Dezzy on lead vocals, was in the shops and being promoted, as the company’s first reggae release.

As the soul group “TDJ”, they modeled themselves on The Temptations and even adopted their dress and dance styles. Unable to get a record deal in England, they started sending demo-tapes to record companies and artists’ agents, in mainland Europe and in no time, were signed up by Zobell Artists Management Company in Belgium, who offered the trio the chance to tour the European cabarets and Clubs circuit, as a soul group. Within weeks they moved to Belgium and “TDJ” were on stage, performing at the opening of the fabulous President’s Cabaret Nightclub, with a residency contract. After their first performance, they were offered a recording deal by the president of CNR Records, who came especially to see them perform – resulting in the release of the singles; “If It Takes Me All My Life” and “Only Make Believing’”, which were moderate Pop/Soul hits, in mainland Europe.

By 1986, after 10 years of touring and doing 3 shows per night, 6 nights per week, Dezzy was tired, not of show business but of travelling and hotels. So, when he was asked to stand in for a DJ, who hadn’t turned up for the opening of a brand new club, he jumped on it and was an instant success. He soon became the most popular and highest paid club DJ/Video Jockey, in mainland Europe. Between 1986 and 1989, he won the “European Club DJ of the Year Award” 4 years in a row, for being the most influential club and events DJ, in mainland Europe.

As a Cabaret Star/Recording Artist/DJ, he drew the attention of several major record companies. He was offered several deals but the best came from Red Bullet Records, resulting in the release of his Funky/Dance club hits; “It’s The Music” and “Dance Dance Dance”, in 1986.

In 1992, Dezzy returned to England to continue his music career after being offered a recording contract, with the freedom to write and record the music he wanted to but instead, ended up with the post of Administrator, at Good Vibes International Records.

In 2000, as General & Production Manager, for J Tibbs Productions, a New Age Innovators company, (backed by Ministry of Sounds), he successfully groomed and made stage-ready fourteen amateur solo singers and groups, for recording and performance, culminating in a show-stopping showcase, in which he also performed, at the Ministry of Sound in November 2002 and culminated in the release of the single; “Hello Friends”, on the J Tibbs label.

Show business is and has been Dezzy’s whole life. He has gained notable successes and amassed a vast amount of experience, in different fields of the business, from acting to live performances, recording and music production, to show business administrations. In 2014, he received a “BEFFTA Excellency Award”; for services to the music industry, including giving a name to the Reggae genre; “Lovers Rock”.

He is now signed on the BASS 1 Entertainment label and has been promoting his first single for the label; “Barbeque”, at various events, including; Brixton World and weekly appearances at the Ivory Arch, Battersea Bar, The Caribbean Club, VoCool yearly barbecues, half time at football matches and several community Fun Days.

Barbeque” is available world-wide, for download from all the major music download sites, including; iTunes, Amazon, Google Live, Spotify, etc. He has just finished recording his follow-up single; “Let’s First Be Friends”, which will be released in early spring 2017.