Bass 1 Entertainment Ltd is a new independent recording and entertainment company based in London. With our cool, edgy and fresh approach, we embrace all the true UK street sounds, entwined with the rhythmic tones of Europe, Africa, India, North & South America and the Caribbean Islands. Currently we are establishing our worldwide presence, as our music is distributed by; Believe Digital, a global distribution company, to 248 countries.  

We combine Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soca and Jazz. Our music features respected and extremely talented performers and musicians, whose individual proven past musical experiences have already begun to pave excellent track records.  We are also working with brand new innovative artists, singers, songwriters and producers, from a range of communities and ethnicities, across the UK. They are all lyrical, talented and contemporary and are consistently collaborating with us to create unique and current rich melodies. These dynamics augur well, creating great potentials to storm the International charts, injecting it with a vibrant musical fusion yet to come from Britain.   

In keeping with its objectives and to realize its aims, Bass 1 Entertainment actively seeks to fully engage the young people of today’s communities, to channel and express positive attitudes, through harmonious and symphonic expressions. 

We encourage social comments, opinions and beliefs, through recordings, live shows and various online platforms. 

Influencing the music scene by making great new music is our ambition, now and for years to come and together we can share our aspirations and make them come alive.  

Our Therapy? … 

We seek only true talent, to contribute to the art of music.  

Our Team consists of professionals who are experts in their fields…   


 Les McNeil: Managing Director – (Producer/Songwriter/Musician) (Founder member of the group Tradition) 

 Michael Mothershill: Director – (Physical Resources/Backline Engineer)

Claude Ray Morris: Director – Administrator (Aka; Dezzy) (Vocalist/Songwriter/Composer/Producer) 


Vivienne Lawrence 


Carl Braithwaite: Creative Design Director – GraphiCarlDesign | @GCarlD – (Graphic Designer)


Sakina McNeil